It all starts here. The ideas, the projects, the images, they all take shape with the ‘’simple’’ click of the camera. This my core, the main job is done behind the lense, with lights, background, flash eyes. This is where we will work together with poses, smiles, walls, chairs and anything that will let us build the shooting.


Phase two of the shooting: looking at what we’ve done and enhance it. Retouching doesn’t necessary mean making your hair longer or your legs thinner, it might mean highlighting your curves against a wonderful purple lavender field or turning your portrait into a vintage black&white still. The rule here is: don’t overdue.


Baby showers invites, wedding cards, restaurant menu, you say it! Creativity, a context and a laptop are our tools. Whether you need to prepare cards to inform people of your upcoming birthday party or a business presentation, we’ll create templates, draw lines and add images for a neat and target product.